Commercial Carpeting - What Is It?

23 Feb

If you have decided to replace your existing carpet or you are looking for carpet for your new office, restaurant, club, school, hospital, or other commercial property, you might be wondering what the best types of carpet for commercial use are. In general, commercial carpeting is more expensive than residential carpet; however, your licensed flooring contractor can show you many different varieties of commercial carpeting options that suit your budget, no matter how large or small the commercial property you are replacing. Commercial carpet can also last longer in a commercial setting than its designed for in a residential home setting due to the fact that it does not get as much varied foot traffic. This website will direct you to the best commercial carpeting.

 Residential carpet is designed to be worn in one particular area, such as a living room or family room, whereas commercial carpeting comes in such a variety that it can be used for floors in any room with a high volume of foot traffic.
You will also find commercial carpeting to be more affordable than the other types because commercial carpeting installation is faster and typically less expensive than installation of carpet tile, which requires an installer and training. With commercial carpeting installation, the installation company sets the entire carpeting up by cutting it to the size of the room or business property. They then install it using high quality carpet installation machinery. Most commercial carpet tiles come pre-installed with edges and seams to ensure that they are permanently installed - some are pre-finished so the installer simply needs to cut them to the size of the room and lay them down. With tile, you have to cut and lay the tile, and then trim and straighten it before applying them to the room.

One of the most attractive features of commercial carpeting installation over tile as you can see here is that commercial carpets are made from natural fibers, so they are far more durable than synthetic carpets, which are often made from man-made fibers. The material is also more resistant to moisture, chemicals and stains. These factors make commercial carpets ideal for industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories. However, they are also suitable for use in residential areas, especially high traffic areas such as hospitals and office buildings.

In addition to their durability and strength, commercial carpeting has another advantage over most other residential flooring options: they are highly decorative. Because commercial carpeting comes in such a wide variety of designs and colors, you can choose one that will enhance the overall decor of your room or business. For example, in conference rooms, offices and hotels, carpeted floors add to the general feel of the room, whereas unscented tile might be too bland for a business environment. In fact, many business owners choose commercial carpeting for their home office because they like the look of the carpet but not the odor, which is why they might choose residential flooring instead.

While durability and strength are important when choosing commercial carpeting for your home or office, aesthetics might be something you overlook. But, if aesthetics is an important factor, you should think about carpets that are more natural-looking and less glossy. While synthetic materials can appear shiny, they are actually coated with plastic that can cause discoloration and wear over time. But, higher quality grades of commercial carpeting are more likely to retain their brightness and resist discoloration.

So which carpet type is right for your needs? If aesthetics is an important factor in your decision, you might want to consider carpet tiles, which are available in both laid and flat formats and in various thicknesses. Carpet tiles are usually a little more expensive than standard commercial carpeting, which is why homeowners and business owners often opt for carpeting that uses more traditional materials like Terry cloth or wool. But, if durability and longevity are important, then there is no better option than commercial carpeting. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:

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